Male Treatments

Our salon has been specifically designed so that it is not overly feminine and we have a large number of regualar male clients.  Our experienced theripists make each client feel at ease and comfortable regardless of what treatment they are booked in for.

Hair Removal
Back Waxing -£18.00

Back & Shoulder Waxing - £23.00

Chest Waxing - £18.00

Chest & Shoulder Waxing - £23.00

Back, Chest & Shoulder Waxing - £38.00

Full Leg Wax - £25.00

Full Arm Wax - £18.00

Brow Wax or Thread - £5.00



One to One Consultation, includes a basic facial. - £20.00 for 45 minute session.

This is perfect for a somebody who isn't sure which skincare treatment would suit their needs best.

Express Cleansing Facial. - £18 for 30 minute session.

For the man on the go, this is a quick skin tune up.

Extended Cleansing Facial. - £22 for 60 minute session.

A more in depth service to fully maintain healthy skin.

Epoch Marine Mud Facial. - £25.00 for 60 minute session.

This marine mud mask will draw out impurities and toxins from the skin, reduce clogged pores and help smooth the skin.

Microdermabrasion Facial. - £35 for 60 minute session.

Mechanical exfoliation using diamond tip microdermabrasion removes the top layer of dead skin cells. This helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, raised acne scaring and the overall appearance of the skin.

Full Package Facial. - £50 for 90 minute session.

Using the full functions in our Advanced Skin Technology facial machine the Full Package Facial includes Cyro & Thermo Therapy to intensify and prolong the effectiveness of the products and Microdermabrasion to mechanically remove the top layer of dead skin cells. Glass ampoules of highly concentrated ingredients, specifically selected for the individual client, are penetrated deep into the dermal layers of the skin using Ultrasound Therapy. This is a tailored treatment to target each individuals skin goals.



Back, Neck & Shoulder – £15.00 for 30 minute session.

Back, Neck & Shoulder – £22.50 for 45 minute session.

Full Body - £25.00 for 60 minute session.

Full Body - £40 for 90 minute session.

Hot Stone Massage - £10.00 add on to any of the above.