Hair Extensions

Please see below for an extensive and comprehensive list of our hair extension prices.  We have included a description of each method we provide so that you can decide which method is best for your needs/wants and your lifestyle. 

Each method has different price options and these are based on three different choices;

Length - between 18 inches and 24 inches.

Weight - this will determine how thick your extensions will be.

Grade - this is the quality of the actual hair, AAA is standard grade and AAAA is best quality.

What to Expect from Sugar Beauty Bar


Sugar operates a consultation system for our hair extension fitting services.  At your consultation our hair extensionist will sit with you and discuss what you want to achieve from your extensions and from there the most suitable method will be established.  The next decision is the length, grade and weight of hair that you want and is suitable for you hair.  For example some people have thin hair which cannot cope with a heavy weight of hair and some people have naturally thick hair that needs a higher weight of hair to acheive the same look. At the end of your consultation you will be quoted a price for your hair extension service that has been tailored to your individual needs.  

A consultation costs £5.00 however this is deducted from your total bill if you go ahead with having your extensions fitted.

Sugar Beauty Bar does not hold a stock of hair, this keeps our prices down and competative, we order your specified hair when your 50% deposit has been paid.  Your hair will usually arrive next day delivery if ordered before 3pm Mon-Fri HOWEVER please do not rely on this as delays in the post do happen.  We like to leave three days between deposit being paid and arranging a final fitting.

Your extensions will be blended and cut by our hairdresser to give you the most natural look possible.  Each method has its own aftercare which will be discussed with you at your fitting to ensure you get the best out of your gorgous new hair.

Micro Ring

Easy Shrink

These lightweight, almost undetectable metal rings are applied to your own hair; the hair extension is then clamped tightly inside the ring holding it securely to your natural hair.
These tiny rings, which are coloured to blend in with your own hair, these will not be seen. This is a cold method which uses no glue, heat or chemicals of any kind. The rings come in a range of different hair colours and are covered with a smooth coating which provides a comfortable cushion for hair.
The rings clamp securely in place and will not slip out even during the most challenging of activities. These can last up to three months before they need repositioning. Maintaining your micro ring extensions could not be easier. With micro ring extensions, you can wash, blow-dry and style your hair as normally as you would if you did not have extensions applied.
Removal is very quick, easy and simply involves clamping the rings with a pair of pliers to squeeze them open. They are then simply slid off of the hair, leaving it in perfectly good condition, it is highly important that they are removed by a Sugar Beauty Bar extension technician to avoid any unnecessary damage to the hair by pulling or tagging.


18 Inch
90g   AAA   = £150.00

120g AAA   = £180.00

100g AAAA = £175.00

125g AAAA = £195.00

150g AAAA = £225.00


20 Inch

120g AAA   = £185.00

150g AAA   = £215.00


22 Inch

120g AAA  = £195.00

150g AAA  = £225.00


Easy Shrink hair extensions is a strand-by-strand technique using Shrink-Links to bond the extension hair to your natural hair.

To apply hair extensions using the easy shrink method a Shrink-Link is threaded on to your natural hair usng a looping technique.  A keratin pre-bonded strand of extension hair is placed inside the Shrink-Link along with your natural hair, then using a special heat clamp the Shrink-Link is heat activated and shrinks around them both. When heat is applied to the Shrink-Link, the keratin bond fuses with the extension hair and theb natural hair creating a bond. The Shrink-Links contract down and protect this bond.

To remove the extensions the Shrink-Link bonds are simply reheated and slid off, leaving healthy undamaged hair behind.


18 Inch

90g   AAA    = £185.00

120g AAA    = £210.00

100g AAAA  = £200.00

125g AAAA  = £225.00

150g AAAA  = £250.00


20 Inch

120g AAA    = £215.00

150g AAA    = £245.00


22 Inch

120g AAA    = £225.00

150g AAA    = £255.00


24 Inch

140g AAA    = £285.00


Micro Fusion

Fusion bonding is the most widely used and long-lasting method that won't damage your natural hair. The bonding resin that we use is keratin based, which is a natural protein that won't break the hair shaft.
It is gentle on your hair and easy to remove,unlike lots of other types of adhesives which tend to be silicon based. Silicon glue is difficult to remove and can damage your natural hair.

You can straighten, curl and brush your hair extensions as you would your own hair and we can add colour blends to create high/low-lights.
This method will give you tiny bonds like Cheryl Cole, you will get maximum volume, thickness and free movement. Depending on your natural hair re-growth, your extensions should last up to 3-4 months, perhaps even longer if well looked after. This method is ideal for holidays in hot countries as it is highly secure.

To remove micro fusion hair extensions your Sugar Beauty Bar technician will use keratin bond remover.  This will loosen and disolve the glue and allow the extension hair to be removed, the natural hair can then be combed through removing any remaining keratin residue.


18 Inch

90g   AAA    = £185.00

120g AAA    = £210.00

100g AAAA  = £205.00

150g AAAA  = £250.00


20 Inch

120g AAA    = £215.00

150g AAA    = £245.00


22 Inch

120g AAA    = £225.00

150g AAA    = £250.00